easy to use and Best-selling water repellent for building construction made in Japan

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easy to use and Best-selling water repellent for building construction made in Japan



Water repellent which can be used for bricks for baby.

Safety is tested at the food analysis center. No formaldehyde was detected.


Short time and easy application by spraying application.
It takes an hour by two person to adhere film while it takes ONLY 30 minutes

by one person with Subfloor of Angel.
It can be applied by spraying due to its aqueous low molecule structure.



It won’t prevent wood from breathing
It doesn’t prevent original humidity controlling ability of wood itself. Infiltrated moisture is gradually vaporized.



High water repellent ability
Contact angle is 95 degree. 


Load can be put immediately after the application
No influence on the adhesive agent
Easy to apply liquid
Liquid is milky white colored. It becomes colorless and transparent without odor.



Main item

Repellent “Hassuikun Jr.”



Standard area size

99-105 square meters

Drying time

Summer: 15-20 minutes

Winter: 20-30 minutes

Sunny place: 15 minutes

Complete dry: 2 days













Subfloor of angel DX SetSubfloor of angel SD Set




Item code


Subfloor of angel DX set


Repellents 10L + DX Spray (with shoulder strap) + Funnel

Subfloor of angel SD set


Repellents 10L + SD Spray (Handy type) + Funnel




Item code

Repellent 10L "Hassuikun Jr."


Repellent 6L "Hassuikun Jr."


5L DX Spray (with shoulder strap) with funnel


3L SD Spray (Handy type) with funnel





Detecting tests for the coloring agent, phenol, formaldehyde, cadmium, lead, arsenic and fluorescent material with PCB, ethanol, acetic acid, n-heptane and water as the catalyst were done and none of them was detected at the Japan Food Research Laboratories. There is no harm in case babies or pets lick accidentally.

It acquired four-star, which is the best score, on the Formaldehyde emission test. It shows the agent doesn’t emit formaldehyde.

It is water-soluble agent without harmful chemicals such as toluol, xylene and thinner. Easy to use and safe.

It doesn’t prevent original humidity controlling ability of wood itself.

It becomes colorless and transparent without odor and stickiness when it’s dry. (Appropriate quantity shall be applied.)

It has no problem to put something on the applied surface right after applying it because it is permeable coating. Also, water repellant ability doesn’t be damaged by the scratch on the applied surface.

No influence to the adherence in regard with the use of adherent.

Application instruction

Processing shall be done on a sunny day. Do NOT apply it rainy weather.

Remove dust or oil from the application surface and dry it before the application.

Repellents shall not be diluted. Use it as undiluted.

Use the attached spray. Use different shoes in order not to dirty subfloor materials.

There is no difference by applying thickly. Thickly applied floor becomes easy to slip after drying.

After applying entire surface of the subfloor, apply it on the joint part of the board and outer circumference once more.

This is a subfloor curing for the sudden rain. Please install appropriate curing sheets after applying this subfloor.

Take precaution of applying it on a windy day so as not to spatter things or people around.

During the application, be careful in order not to slip or fall down.

Use it ONLY for the specified use.

Storage and disposal instruction

Containers and applier can be washed with water. Waste water can be disposed to sewer pipe.
When there is remaining, pour it back to the tank with an attached funnel and close the cap tightly. Then store it where the children cannot reach.
Avoid freezing and direct sunlight and store it at a cool dark place (5-30 degree Celsius).
Pot life is 10 months even with the antiseptics (for food).
In the case of disposal for unavoidable reasons, impregnate newspapers with it and dispose them as the industrial waste treatment in obedience to the local law.
Dispose the outer box as the cardboard resource and the inner plastic bag as the industrial waste treatment in obedience to the local law.

Safety Instruction

In case it gets onto your skin, wash them with running water thoroughly and if you feel pain or something strange, see a doctor. In case it gets into your eyes, wash them with running water thoroughly and see a doctor immediately. In case of accidental ingestion, let him/her drink several cups of water and spit out, then see a doctor. In case you feel sick because of inhalation, move to the place with fresh air and rest with keeping warm, then see a doctor.

*In order to avoid contact with the skin and eyes, use of protector, such as goggles, a mask and gloves, is recommended.









MIZUKAMI KINZOKU CO.,LTD. founded in 1947 is one of the leading trading wholesaler

company in Japan specialized in building hardware and construction materials.

We have a headoffice in Osaka and branches in Tokyo and Fukuoka.

The number of employee is about 140 people. The capital is 1million US dollar,

and the annual sales volume is approximately 6 billion Japanese yen.

We have more than 400 supplyer companies and we always have more than 20000

items in stock,which enable us to make a speedy shipment.

Some of them are our original products as OEM.




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